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The Kleva Sharp. Haven't got one? You're missing out! - 17th Sep 2014

The Kleva Sharp. Haven't got one? You're missing out! The world's smallest and easiest to use knife sharpener -The Kleva Sharp

The Kleva Sharp knife sharpener sticks onto your bench or wall effortlessly with it's unique suction cup base. Stick, then simply run your knife through the tungsten carbide teeth two or three times and your knife will be as sharp as new.

What a treat! No need to worry about cutting yourself or holding it tight. Stick, Swipe and Go.
Kleva Sharp is Safe, Portable and Easy

Read more and get your Kleva Sharp today here

Sharpen all your knives including serrated edges, scissors, garden secateurs and sheers, even the end of the spade -the possibilities are endless. Note -for sharpening bevelled edges (scissors/sheers/etc) tilt the blade on a 20 degree angle to the left for maximum results.

A perfect solution for boats and tractors as the suction cup base means safe sharpening on the move. Ease of use means those with weakened hands or wrists will also find the Kleva Sharp the ideal solution to their knife sharpening needs.

Don't miss out on the best and most versatile knife sharpener you'll ever use, order yours today.

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