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Bambillo -8 pillows in 1! - 30th Jun 2015

Bambillo -8 pillows in 1! Thousands of people nationwide have got a Bambillow pillow on their bed, the reason? It allows almost everyone to have an enjoyable and restful night's sleep.

Bamboo Pillows unique properties mean you can mold and shape the pillow into 8 different designs giving you 8 different sleeping experiences. See the attached image for examples, you've got;

High Contour
Low Contour
Cup of Tea
High Volume
Low Volume
Feather Pillow
The Secret Back
The Secret Side

Start your Bambillo off with the high contour as your first sleeping position. This is the main sleeping form. For side-to-back sleepers or people with neck, shoulder or snoring issues, make the secret back/secret side pillow that can be placed under the shoulders. This will create whole upper body support.

Don't worry about remebering all of this, your Bambillo pillow comes with an insert with full care and use instructions and the 8 pillow shapes. A new shape can take up to 3 days to get used to as it will be the first pillow that actually goes under the shoulders and takes the uppers body weight (the average weight of a head is 5kgs).

With all of this in mind you can rest and sleep assured that with the Bambillo, you're getting the support and best night's sleep you deserve.

Read more and purchase your Bambillo here today

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